World of Bentley with DVP Events

The world of Bentley, 10 years anniversary of Bentley in Shanghai.

Our contribution to this remarkable event, was significant, as we were entrusted with two essential components : developing the visual identity and overseeing the exhibition’s art direction and design. We meticulously crafted a visual identity that encapsulated Bentley’s rich heritage, sophistication, and commitment to excellence. Every detail, from the typography to the color palette and imagery, exuded luxury and prestige, perfectly representing the essence of the Bentley brand.

Moreover, our role extended to the art direction and design of the exhibition, where we transformed the event space into an immersive and captivating environment. Drawing inspiration from Bentley’s iconic design features, we carefully planned every aspect to engage and captivate attendees. By incorporating luxurious materials, refined lighting techniques, and innovative technology, we created a multisensory experience that allowed visitors to fully immerse themselves in the world of Bentley. Our role in the World of Bentley event showcased our expertise in delivering exceptional visual identities and elevating brand experiences to new heights.

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